FIRST Ladies is a community of girls and women involved in FIRST robotics programs. This group was created to provide a place for girls on teams around the world to make connections and get support.

FIRST Ladies is intended to be a community where girls from any FIRST program can have a place to be heard. This is a place to ask questions, make friends, find support, and discover new opportunities as a female in STEM. Together we can continue to create a world where women engineers are celebrated.

Join Us
Whether you are already a member of or would like to learn more about FIRST Ladies, please join us Saturday afternoon from 2:30 to 3:30 in the Byron Center for light refreshments. We will be meeting in the FIRST Ladies Social area along the east side of the Byron Center (opposite wall from Pit Admin / same wall as load-in/out).

Registration is not required, but is requested for planning purposes. Thank you!

We proudly support FIRST Ladies at the East Super-Regional Championship and wish to thank FTC Team 6027 for their assistance with this special event!

Registration for the FIRST Ladies Social is closed.