Finals Match Results Details

2015-2016 East Super-Regional Championship

Column Abbreviations:
  • Tot - Total Match Score
  • Auto - Autonomous Score. Includes scores for the autonomous rings placed on the same column as the beacon
  • AutoB - Autonomous Bonus Score. No autonomous bonus score in this game
  • Tele - Tele-Operated Score. Includes scores for rings on pegs, lines bonuses, and weighted ring bonuses
  • EndG - End Game Score. Includes scores for lifting a robot off the floor
  • Pen - Penalty Points Assessed. This includes any penalties assessed during the match. These points are deducted from the other scores, but the total will never be below zero.

    Red ScoresBlue Scores
MatchResultRed TeamsBlue TeamsTotAutoAutoBTeleEndGPenTotAutoAutoBTeleEndGPen
F-1411-500 B5916 8644 6051 8390 4029 7393 411503268005005035510040
F-2471-507 B5916 8644 6051 8390 4029 7393 47100291180050745020218080