East Super-Regional Finals Match Results Details

Column Abbreviations:
  • Tot - Total Match Score
  • Auto - Autonomous Score. Includes scores for the blocks scored during the autonomous period including the goal with the IR Beacon and robots on the bridge.
  • AutoB - Autonomous Bonus Score. No autonomous bonus score in this game
  • Tele - Tele-Operated Score. Includes scores for blocks placed in the goals during the driver controlled period.
  • EndG - End Game Score. Includes scores for the flag position, hanging robots, and a bonus for whether the goals are balanced.
  • Pen - Penalty Points Assessed. This includes any penalties assessed during the match. These points are for penalties incurred by the other alliance which are added to the alliance's score. 

    Red ScoresBlue Scores
MatchResultRed TeamsBlue TeamsTotAutoAutoBTeleEndGPenTotAutoAutoBTeleEndGPen
F-1394-411 B5414 5069 6055 4220 577 6337 394120093181041111001111900
F-2188-344 B5414 5069 6055 4220 577 6337 1881200680034410001061380