Tournament Information

Below you will find details about the East Super-Regional Championship Tournament, including competition Divisions, Check-in processes, Judging, Inspections, and much more.

 If you have questions, please send them to

Anti-static Treatment

The competition and practice fields will be treated with TECHSPRAY 1726 Zero Charge Anti-Stat Coating in an effort to reduce static electricity. Applying any coating to the field mats can alter its characteristics and increase the friction coefficient.  

Although we are taking steps to reduce static electricity build-up, robots locking up due to static electricity will not be cause for match replay.

Strictly Enforced Tournament Rules

Safety Glasses
Safety Glasses are required in the Pits and on the Competition Fields.  No exceptions.

Wi-Fi Interference
To help ensure a quality tournament for all teams, Tournament Rule <T3> will be strictly enforced. Review the rule and the consequences for violation. Please just leave your phone hotspot, MiFi, or other hotspots turned off while you are in or around the pits and competition area. Leave Nintendo and similar gaming devices at home or in your hotel. Thank you.

Wi-Fi Direct Channels
Teams may use Wi-Fi channels 1, 6, or 11 at the East Super-
Regional Championship Tournament. Use of other Wi-Fi channels is prohibited. It is the Team's responsibility to monitor Driver Station / Robot Controller ping times and select one of the permitted Wi-Fi channels that performs well for them