2017-2018 East Super-Regional Photos

Our event photographers George Marchant, Alex Bayer, Daphne Frownfelter and Nemi Agrawal have posted great pictures from the 2017-2018 East Super-Regional Championship.

Team Photos

We are looking for your team photo! Send a high resolution photo to ftc.events@pennfirst.org. It will be added here plus it will also be shown on the big screens at the event.

See team photos from our past events: 

Team 6347 Geared Up

Team 10030 7 Sigma Robotics

Team 11115 Gluten Free

Team 4106 Supposable Thumbs

Team 11362 M Cubed

Team 7026 JDroids

Team 4636 FROGbots

Team 9872 (In)Formal Logic

Team 9620 The ROUS's

Team 9794 Wizards.exe

Team 12601 Robostorm

Team 9921 PATRIOTS

Team 4347 NanoGurus

Team 9372 Standard Model

Team 12116 Redbots

Team 12377 Hopkins Robotics

Team 11174 mc² Robotics

Team 2818 G-FORCE

Team 8397 Team Beta

Team 9971 LANbros

Team 6055 GearTicks

Team 8297 Geared UP!

Team 6040 Canton Robodogs

Team 5484 Enderbots

Team 12833 Mechanical Meltdown

Team Photo

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Team 6217 The Fellowship

Team 9773 Robocracy-4H

Team 8699 League of Extraordinary Roboticists

Team 6549 Whoa!Bots

Team 5501 USS Enterprise

Team 11248 //Cougars

Team 4137 IslandBots

Team 12538 eBorg Robotics

Team 4924 Tuxedo Pandas

Team 7244 Out of the Box Robotics

Team 12414 Metal Benders

Team 3595 Schrödinger's Hat

Team 9371 General Relativity

Team 11453 Uncertainty Principle

Team 3032 Hyperion

Team 12787 foolS TEAM ahead

Team 154 Renegade

Team 3981 The Griffins

Team 6567 Red Hook RoboRaiders

Team 6027 L.E.D. Empire

Team 9421 Hydrofluoric Robotics

Team 9073 Knightrix

Team 9867 Evolution Robotics

Team 5356 Team Tardis

Team 10358 Squatch Watch

Team Photo

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