2016-2017 East Super-Regional Photos

Our event photographers George Marchant, Daphne Frownfelter and Nemi Agrawal have posted great pictures from the 2016-2017 East Super-Regional Championship.

Live Streaming Video
Available during and for a short period after the event:

Team Photos

We are looking for your team photo! Send a high resolution photo to ftc.events@pennfirst.org. It will be added here plus it will also be shown on the big screens at the event.

See team photos from our past events: 

Team 6081 i²robotics

Team 6347 Geared Up

Team 5485 GorillaBots

Team 4924 Tuxedo Pandas

Team 9971 LANbros

Team 11362 M Cubed

Team 6037 WAGS

Team 5421 RM'd and Dangerous

Team 7034 Singularity Technology

Team 7026 JDroids

Team 7244 Out of the Box Robotics

Team 8393 - The Giant Diencephalic BrainSTEM Robotics Team

Team 9901 Techie Titans

Team 9812 T-Noble

Team 8645 Robotic Doges

Team 8297 Geared UP!

Team 5414 TRI Robotics

Team 11174 mc² Robotics

Team 9073 Knightrix

Team 965 League of Incompetent Gentlemen

Team 10343 Positive Charge

Team 4017 roboPandas

Team 9910 Greenhorns

Team 18 The Techno Chix

Team 4137 Islandbots

Team 7117 The Blockheads

Team 9866 VIRUS

Team 2818 G-FORCE

Team 7182 Mechanical Paradox

Team 5916 BoBots

Team 6700 X-BOTS

Team 9984 JavaScouts

Team 11115 Gluten Free

Team 4634 FROGbots

Team 3795 Jag-Wired

Team 8521 4H Hard-Hitting Hardware Hooligans

Team 4286 Dragonoids

Team 8509 STEEL Serpents

Team 6040 Canton Robodogs

Team 9794 Wizards.exe

Team 7486 Suffern's Team Fusion

Team 8221 Cubix^3

Team 5484 Enderbots

Team 9620 The R.O.U.S.'s (Robots of Unusual Size)

Team 9773 Robocracy

Team 9921 PATRIOTS

Team 11988 Crusader Robotics

Team 11100 We are Robo

Team 3737 Hank's Tanks

Team 5477 Innovo

Team 7423 Flaming Phoenix

Team 1 Team Unlimited

Team 7039 Lord of the Bricks Robotics

Team Photo

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